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Fusion Science

Bringing Star Power to Earth

Fusion power is one of the most promising energy sources capable of satisfying the future earth need for power without the negative environmental impacts.

To demonstrate fusion burn and energy gain on earth, world wide efforts have been undertaken: construction of the national facilities LMJ (Large MegaJoule) in France and NIF (National Ignition Facility) in US as well as the international facility ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) in France.
In order to support the fusion science with well-educated scientists and engineers, the French government has established a National Master of Fusion Science that is open also for foreign students. The national Master provides a broad variety of expertise in thermonuclear fusion, inertial and magnetic confinement, fast igniter, plasmas, atomic physics, radiation, high energy density matter, matter under extreme conditions, spectroscopy and diagnostics, fusion technologies, fusion installations and instrumentation, high power laser physics and technology.

The study (1 year including diploma thesis) is free of charge, only an administrative fee of about 500 Euro is demanded which includes the health insurance. All travels to the research center Cadarache (ITER) and Bordeaux (LMJ) as well as accommodation are also free of charge.

The study can be continued in the framework of a PhD thesis: particular at Paris and surrounding one finds numerous world leading research centers and high energy laser installations.

The University of Pierre and Marie Curie “UPMC” which is located in the heart of Paris is one of the most largest and prestigious Universities in France and world wide proposes a large variety of studies in the fusion science: inertial fusion, magnetic fusion, theory, experiment and also fusion technology.

Take your chance and do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about how to become a student at the University Pierre and Marie Curie to study Fusion Science:

Prof. Dr. F.B. Rosmej: frank.rosmej@upmc.fr

The studies begin in September of each year and we recommend contacting us by about March/April to help you with the administrative installation at our university.